Sunday, February 25, 2018

Reclaiming The Beach At GLSP

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By Doug La Rocque

For many years the water of Long Pond has slowly been eroding the beach at Grafton Lakes State Park. The lack of rain this past fall and the lowering of the water level this winter has given park officials a unique opportunity to bring some of the sand back.

It is not desert sand dunes but piles of sand reclaimed from Long Pond for re-distribution along the main beach at Grafton Lakes State Park. Photo by Doug La Rocque

Just prior to Winterfest, the park managed to drag back up sand that normally would have been submerged. Park Manager Melissa Ann Miller tells The Eastwick Press this sand has been piled up near the sidewalks, and when the weather turns warmer, it will be pushed back onto the main beach to help bring the sand level back to what it was several years ago.

Ms. Miller says the reclamation project also saved the park significant money, eliminating the need to purchase and truck in new sand.

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