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Advocare Fdn. Hosts First Theatre Dinner And Movie Event

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By Amy Modesti

The Advocare Foundation Limited hosted its first ever dinner and theatre presentation to a small group of invited guests, theatre and movie patrons, and Advocare Foundation members on Thursday, January 25. This event featured a light dinner meal consisting of various pasta meals and dessert, a film discussion and a film showing of the Oscar nominated movie “The King’s Speech.”

“The King’s Speech” starring Colin Firth (King George VI), Helena Bonham Carter (Queen Elizabeth I), and Jeffery Rush (therapist) was a historical drama based on the true story of King George VI and his journey of becoming the King of England. During his reign King George VI worked with a therapist to overcome his stuttering impediment that he had throughout his life, since his grandparents were killed by the Nazis during World War I.

Jeffrey Dryfoos (on right) conversing with patron Jeff Knight (on left) after the evening dinner and movie presentation of “The King’s Speech,” held inside the Advocare Foundation Limited in Berlin Thursday, January 25. Photo by Amy Modesti

It was with the help of his therapist that the king was able to overcome most of his struggles with his stuttering and project his first wartime speech radio broadcast declaring war on Germany to the British people in 1939. After broadcasting the speech, the King of England and his therapist, Lionel, remained lifelong friends.

Watching “The King’s Speech” and listening to the discussion of the film from executive director Jean Claude Bahrenburg, and special guest The Advocare Foundation Limited chairman, Jeffrey Dryfoos, was informative. It was interesting to learn about the British history and how much of an impact the future Queen Elizabeth II’s family had in British culture during wartime. I was unaware of King George VI (Bertie as he was often called by family and his therapist) and the disability that he had throughout his life. Most of the time the king did his best not to let his disability or his conscious overcome him and his journey of becoming a king. As a naval officer Bertie worked hard to become king and did his best to project his speeches while receiving help from his friend to overcome his impediment. It proves that individuals that have disabilities can achieve great accomplishments in life through the support of friends, family, and great support workers.

The Advocare Foundation Limited continues to serve the Berlin community through its theater workshops and movie events while serving the needs of the disabled and non-disabled. The foundation is currently looking for people to participate in its theatre workshops. They wish to continue hosting the theatre and movie event every three months to the public, free of charge. Patrons that wish to attend the event must be over 18 years old to watch the films, due to possibly sensitive material.

“If you build it, they will come,” exclaimed Bahrenburg as the discussion concluded for the evening. Now that the Advocare Foundation Limited has called Berlin its home, the desire to bring theatre and unite individuals with and without disabilities together in the town of Berlin is continuously evolving through the support of countless volunteers, theatre performers and directors that strive to bring success and a sense of community together to the organization through these enriching program

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