Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Berlin Central School Board

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Capital Projects Approved

At its January 9 meeting the Berlin School Board approved two capital project proposals. Combined, the projects total just under 13 million dollars. The first is for 9.3 million, which goes for the construction of a new transportation facility, as well as major improvements to the district’s two buildings.

According to Board President Frank Zwack, this will have virtually no impact on taxes, as 80 percent of the cost is picked up by the state, and the district has the rest of the money in reserve. The second proposal is for the construction of a track, new soccer field and relocated baseball field. New York State aid would cover 66 percent of the first two thirds of the cost, the rest would fall on the tax payers. The district plans a number of informational meetings in all five of its towns to explain just what this breaks down to in the form of a tax hike.

Because of deadline concerns, The Eastwick Press will have a complete report in next week’s edition

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