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Petersburg Planning Board

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Board Approves Bentley Sub-Division

By Alex Brooks

The Petersburgh Planning Board held a public hearing on Monday September 25 on a proposed subdivision of lands belonging to the Patricia Bentley Revocable Trust. The only person to speak at the hearing was C.B. Bentley, who said that he has not received any assistance from the Trust.

Planning Board Chairman Frank Sheldon said that is a matter beyond the purview of the Planning Board, and the only matter in question was whether or not to approve the proposed subdivision.

The proposal is to split off 75 acres of the Bentley property to be sold, with the remaining 136 acres to remain under the ownership of the Trust.

The lands to remain in the Trust include about 8 acres immediately surrounding C.B. Bentley’s house on the East side of Route 22, about 13 acres surrounding the garages and outbuildings on the south side of Dill Brook Road west of Route 22, and about 114 acres north of Dill Brook Road and west of Route 22, going up to Potter Hill Road.

The land which is being split off for sale is all on the East side of Route 22 and includes a field north of C.B Bentley’s house and a field south of that house, both between Route 22 and the Little Hoosick River, and land on the East side of the Little Hoosick River, from Spencer Brook north.

Two pieces of the original Bentley property were previously sold off – the gravel pit and the original farmhouse, both on the West side of Route 22.

The Planning Board unanimously approved the proposed subdivision.

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