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Checking Out The Solar Eclipse At Berlin High School

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Students and teachers gathered in the high school cafeteria this past Monday for a little food and a little solar viewing. Of course, the prime message was do not look directly at the eclipse unless you have protective eye ware, or made one of many different versions of a home viewing kit.

Students and Teachers at Berlin Central High School use protective eye wear or homemade viewing boxes to
watch the total of eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21. Photo by Doug La Rocque

These required poking a pin hole in one side of a box or tube, putting something like aluminum foil on the inside opposite the hole, pointing the hole at the sun and watching safely from inside the box or through a viewing hole. One suggestion for multiple viewing was to tape a Ritz cracker over the hole. Most said it didn’t work so well, but made for fine eating when the eclipse was through.

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