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Welcome Back, Readers Of The Eastwick Press!

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by Doug La Rocque

Since the Publisher and Editor of The Eastwick Press announced early last month that the June 23 issue of the paper would be his last, there has been an outpouring of thanks to Alex Brooks for his more than 20 years of service to the community, and a desire to find a way to keep the paper going.[Private]That answer was found with the recent purchase of the paper by Grafton residents Tom Withcuskey and Doug La Rocque.  Today’s edition of The Eastwick Press marks a return to the newsstands and your mailbox for what all hope will be a long time to come.
Both Withcuskey and La Rocque say you will see some subtle changes to the paper in the next few weeks, to return the business to profitability and streamline the publishing process.
One thing that won’t change, is the paper’s commitment to the people and the communities it serves, who have supported it for so long.  And in answer to many questions, Brooks has graciously agreed to continue the George Holcomb column to its conclusion.
The new owners would like to thank all the communities for their support in this new venture. Withcuskey is well known for all his work in support of his hometown and surrounding communities, and La Rocque has been working as a reporter for the paper and has an extensive background in journalism.
We would like to dedicate this, our first issue, to the memory of Lester Goodermote.
Welcome back to all. [/Private]



One Response to “Welcome Back, Readers Of The Eastwick Press!”
  1. Julie Harrell says:

    Thank you so much for continuing this vital newspaper. I will continue to support the Eastwick Press as long as you are in business.

    Julie Harrell
    Cherry Plain, NY

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