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Hoosick Gets $975,000 Grant For Refrigeration At Ice Skating Rink

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by Jackolyn Houghton

Hoosick Supervisor Mark Surdam said thanks to the efforts of Senator Marchione and her staff, the Town of Hoosick has been notified that it will be awarded a grant through the Dormitory Authority of the State of NY (DASNY) of $975,000 to install a refrigeration system at the Reynolds/Gilchrest Skating Rink.[private] A formal announcement with more details about the scope of the project will be coming soon, he said.

Surdam said he has been in discussions with the administration of the Hoosac School about having them rent the rink as the home ice for their very successful ice hockey program. Hoosac would need other improvements to the building, such as locker rooms. Surdam met with Bill Cottrell of Cottrell Associates to discuss having him do a preliminary cost estimate for improvements that would be needed. Cottrell agreed to do the cost estimates for $600, and the Board passed a motion to authorize that payment.

Dave Sutton was concerned about what commitments to maintenance and staffing this arrangement might lead to, and whether those might in time become a burden to the Town.

Surdam said discussions with Hoosac School are ongoing, and it’s not clear yet what the terms of an agreement with the school might be, but he said Hoosac School has said they would like to pay adequate rent to make it worthwhile for the Town.

Hoosac’s hockey team just won their conference championship for the second year in a row. Their home ice is currently the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Skating Rink in North Adams, MA.

Surdam said until the grant for refrigeration came in, he was doubtful that it would be feasible, but now it seems like it could work, and it could be a very positive thing for the Town.

In a related matter, Serena Toney spoke to the Board about the possibility of creating a roller skating rink in the Town’s current ice rink. She said so far with her limited research the only barrier would be laying a floor down. She projected flooring costs of $75,000, but she said it was just preliminary research and she thought there are less expensive options available. The Board liked the idea, but had questions, and asked Toney to continue her research and continue the discussion.

Welcome To Economic Development Coordinator

Surdam said he met with Mayor Borge and Brighid Buzzell, the new Economic Development Coordinator hired by the Village. Surdam saluted the Village’s commitment to our local economic development shown by its initiative in hiring her and its commitment to pay her for two years. He said Buzzell had been introducing herself around the Village and that the Town of Hoosick officially welcomed her.

Pump House Repairs

Supervisor Surdam said he met with Bernie DeGiule from Slack Chemical at the pool to discuss chemical storage options and in consultation with pool expert Tom Marciotta came up with an outline of safety upgrades and maintenance repairs to the chemical storage area, the chemical supply system, and the pump/filter building at the pool. These include improvements to the containment area, purchasing a containment unit for storage of acid, replacement of corroded electrical equipment and adding a water flow meter, among other things. The cost of this work was estimated at $6,000, and the Board passed a motion authorizing the Supervisor to spend $6,000 on this project. Surdam said he, Tom Marciotta, and Councilman David Sutton will be working on this project.

Audit Near Completion

Surdam said he and Town Bookkeeper Emily Sanders had an “exit discussion” with Rachel Schwendinger and Michael Chaires from the State Comptroller’s office concerning the preliminary draft report of their audit of the town for 2015 and 2016. Surdam and Sanders will be working on a plan to address concerns raised in the audit report about the town’s financial practices. Surdam said they met with Pool Director Janet Deluca to work on aspects of it related to the pool. The final audit report has not been released yet.

Cancer Study Near Completion

Surdam said he contacted Commissioner Zucker of the NYS Department of Health to ask if results were ready from a study that was expected to be completed last fall. Zucker said the study was delayed because they decided to add an additional year of data (2014) that became available towards the end of the study. Zucker said he expects to release the report next month.


Peckham submitted a winter sand bid at $8.30 a ton. Highway Supervisor Bill Shiland  said this is up $0.24 a ton from last year. The Board accepted this bid, and fuel bids from Doug’s Oil which were $0.19 per gallon over cost. Shiland said bids are still out for repair of the Cottrell Road bridge, but he expects to have the numbers on that project for the next meeting.

The Board approved a motion to charge the same fees as last year for summer camp at $80 for residents and $95 for non-residents and pool entry fees which can be located on the Town of Hoosick website. Surdam said he had been in touch with Rachel Green, who has agreed to come back this year as Camp Director.

Surdam noted that Pool Director Janet Deluca has put out the call for lifeguards for the upcoming pool season. Applications are coming in, and certification classes are being scheduled.

Surdam noted a number of Town events on the horizon:

• The next Hoosick Rising Meeting will be held held March 23 at the Owl’s Nest at the HAYC3 Armory and will be hosted by Hoosick Kitchen Catering.

• The 32nd Annual Wood Memorial 5K & Fun Run hosted by the Hoosick Lions Club will be May 20 starting at 9 am. However, the Hoosick Lions Club Comedy Night planned for April 8 was canceled due to a scheduling conflict with a St. Mary’s Academy event.

• HAYC3 is inviting residents to participate in “Love Your Village” an annual clean-up devoted to the spring cleaning of the Village of Hoosick Falls in partnership with Saint Gobain on Saturday, May 6 from 9 am to 1 pm.

• The Village Wide Tag Sale will take place May 27.

Town Clerk Susan Stradinger reported total revenue from construction permits, dog renewal licenses, new dog licenses, marriage licenses and marriage certificates for the month of February was $642.25 and that $472.99 was paid to the Supervisor and the remaining $169.26 went to the State. [/private]

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