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Many Departments Respond To White Creek Blaze

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A fire broke out in a unoccupied home located at the intersection of county route 68 and White Creek Road early Thursday morning, February 9. [private]The first call for responders came in at 1:30 am and continued until there were ten or possibly more fire departments on the scene.

North Hoosick firefighters pour water into the attic of the structure. Photo by Steve Bradley

The fire appeared to begin in a shed-like area at the rear of the structure and worked its way toward the home part in the front. Firefighters struggled to get at the fire when it got into the attic. Not having an easily accessible water source hampered efforts to get the fire out quickly. The need for additional trucks to haul water from as far away as Brown’s Brewery was the reason trucks from Hoosick Falls, Hoosick, West Hoosick, Shaftsbury, Cambridge, North Bennington, North Hoosick White Creek, Pittstown, Buskirk were all needed.

Firefighter Steve Surdam, Sr., left controls the water flow for a “quick dump” from the high capacity Hoosick Fire Department tanker at the structure fire. Tankers were in big demand at this fire because of lack of an easily accessible water source. Photo by Steve Bradley

The trucks ran a constant loop from water sources back to the scene. At least thirty-five first responders answered. Other departments were put on standby to cover for departments at the scene.[/private]

It took about an hour and a half to get the fire under control. Firefighters stayed on the scene longer due to numerous hot-spots located in the attic. No one was injured. The Town of Hoosick Rescue Squad also was on scene.[/private]

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