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Informational Meeting On PFOA In Petersburgh Water Is Scheduled For April 5 At 7 pm

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by Alex Brooks
The latest round of sampling of the Petersburgh Water District confirmed that the water from Well #2 is a higher concentration of PFOA than wells 5 and 6, which are shallower. [private]A sample from Well #2 was reported as 120 ppt of PFOA. One from Well #5 was reported as 39 ppt. Two samples were taken from Well #6, which were reported as 53 ppt and 42 ppt.  Two samples were taken of finished water in the Water district’s distribution system, and they were reported to have 85 ppt and 84 ppt.
Petersburgh Water Superintendent Ben Krahforst has been seeking to refurbish wells 5 and 6 because of their lower PFOA levels .
A public information meeting about the water situation has been scheduled for Tuesday April 5 at 7 pm at the PVMCC. This is the 225th anniversary of Petersburgh’s first Town meeting, which was originally scheduled for a historical presentation, but has now been given over to the water meeting. A potluck at 5:30 pm at the PVMCC will be held prior to the water informational meeting.[/private]

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