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Million Dollar Project On River Road In Hoosick Falls

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by Bea Peterson
The River Road Project was the subject of a Public Hearing before the regular Village of Hoosick Falls Board meeting on Tuesday, April 10, at 6 pm. Jim Houston of CT Male Associates addressed the Board and a packed meeting room. [private]He described CT Male’s  plan to stabilize the Hoosic River bank on the side of River Road between Route

Jim Houston of C.T. Male Associates described the plans for work on River Road at the Hoosick Falls Village Board meeting Tuesday. (Bea Peterson photo)

22 and Wilson Hill Road and to move River Road about 25 feet further away from the river. This change will alter the landscape of two homes on that section of the road as well as smooth out the curves. The shift in the roadway is necessary to properly shore up the riverbank with stone, large boulders covered with wire, then vegetation. On the inland side of the road, large evergreens will be removed from the property nearest Route 22 and large trees will be removed from the property nearest Wilson Hill Road. Other trees will replace them and be relocated on the properties. The property nearest Wilson Hill will then have a retaining wall in front. The Village water main and the utility poles will also have to be moved from the river side of the road to the inland side. There is also concern regarding homeowners’ septic systems.
After the presentation, Mayor Matt Monahan asked for a 20 minute break so that homeowners could have an opportunity to take a closer look at the plan and discuss it with the Board and Houston. The group moved to the Municipal building’s entryway to discuss the impact the project will have on these homes.
When they returned Mayor Monahan said the Board hasn’t contracted or adopted anything at this point. He said CT Male put the cost of the project at $986,552.40. FEMA will cover 75 percent of that cost, the State will put in twelve and a half percent and the Village will be liable for the remaining twelve and a half percent. That is still over $100,000, the Mayor said. “It’s definitely costly,” he added. He also lamented the changes inflicted on the homeowners. “It’s unfortunate for both,” he said, “as they have nice homes.” The Mayor concluded that once a plan is accepted, it will be put out for bid.
Organizational Meeting And Budget Hearing
The Village of Hoosick Falls will hold its Organizational meeting on Tuesday, April 17, at 6 pm. At 6:15 a public hearing on the tentative 2012-13 budget will be held. The Mayor said that a copy of the tentative budget is available in the Village Clerk’s Office from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3:30 pm.
Part Time Code Enforcement Officer
The Board approved a motion to advertise for a part time Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector. In recent years this had been a full time position.
Village Wide Clean Up
The Mayor said the Village Clerk has received several calls asking if items can be left curbside on the Village Wide Cleanup Day, Saturday, May 5. The answer is no. “That is not the case,” said Mayor Monahan. The Village will not be picking up household items. “It is a work day to spruce up the Village,” he said. He added that on that day the Village transfer station will accept lawn clippings and leaves at no charge. Many years ago the Village did accept curbside items, but it is no longer possible manpower or cost wise.
No Burning
Mayor Monahan pointed out that the Village has a no burning policy. “No one should be burning anything outside,” he said. The area has had multiple problems with brush fires, he added.
Hydrant Flushing
On Wednesday, May 2, the fire hydrants in Wards 2 and 3 will be flushed. The hydrants in Wards 1 and 4 will be flushed on Thursday, May 3.
Other Business
In other business the Board approved the renewal of a vendor’s license, from April 15 to September 15, for ice cream vendor, Mr. Ding A Ling. This license has the same guidelines as in previous years. The Board also approved a $2,000 grant from the Village to HAYC3.
Dan Thompson of Fiske Street once again complained to the Board about the parking situation near his home. The Mayor said he would contact Mr. Cooperman personally. Thompson asked if anything was being done about cars in the area with Vermont plates. The Mayor responded that two people have been given appearance tickets by the police and that they will continue to monitor the situation.
Once again questions were asked regarding the building on Griffin Avenue that is in a state of disrepair. The Mayor responded that right now the Village’s hands are tied because there are tenants in the building. “I know it is discouraging,” he said, “but something may be done in the next few months.”

The $1 million project will stabilize and shore up the bank of the Hoosic River on River Road. The roadway will be moved to prevent future flooding and road damage. The trees in front of the light colored house to the right will also have to be removed. (Bea Peterson photo)


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