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HFCS Sixth Grade Science Fair

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by Bea Peterson
Early Wednesday evening, November 30, the HFCS cafeteria was filled with sixth grade students and their parents. The event was the class science fair. Students chose a science problem and then for ten weeks they did a step by step analysis of that problem. Some examples were: which laundry detergent works best or which cheese molds first or will a greater sized catapult throw something farther. Display boards throughout the room described and proved the various hypotheses. Posters described which stain remover worked best, which liquid evaporated the fastest, what candy produced the most juice, which cocoa stayed warm the longest, which wood floats best and which paper airplane design flies best. The results had to be tested at least three times.
All the exhibits were judged on thoroughness and creativity. Sixth Grade Science Fair winners were: First Place – Bridget Redick, Second Place – Ryhse Cross, Third Place – Cecilia Vincent and Honorable Mention – Jarred Libby, Cali Conety, Jillian Maser and Mack Smith.

HFCS Sixth Grade Science Fair winners were (l-r) Jarred Libby, Bridget Redick, Ryhse Cross, Cecilia Vincent, Cali Conety and Jillian Maser. Mack Smith is missing from the photo. (Bea Peterson photo)

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