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Berlin Town Board Action, Part Two – November 2011

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by Kieron Kramer
At the Berlin Town Board meeting on Thursday, November 10, Highway Superintendent Jim Winn said that the Department had “been playing in everything – dirt, sand and snow” over the past month. The Department has been plowing snow, has been finishing up the grading and gravelling and is starting to draw sand for winter use. The paving would have been finished last week, but the County paver broke, Winn said. He also reported that the i-beams for the deck of the Walnut Lane bridge and the steel for the re-rods will arrive during the next week [November 14-18] and the bridge repair, consisting of a concrete culvert box, should be completed soon.
Dogs Returned
Dog Control Officer Doug Goodermote reported that the rabies clinic was “a great success” with well over 100 dogs being treated. He also said that he had picked up three dogs since last month and had found two of the rightful owners.
Next Planning Board Meeting Is December 15
Planning Board Chair Pam Gerstel announced that the Planning Board would not meet in November since the meeting date falls on Thanksgiving. The next meeting will be on December 15.
Doughnuts Cost Dough
Tammy Osterhout reported that the Halloween Party “went well.” She thanked Rob and Kathy Jaeger and Sharon Clapp for being costume judges. According to Osterhout, the Price Chopper gave the Youth Commission no break on doughnuts this year. She thanked the Taconic Valley American Legion Post #937 for buying the doughnuts for the party.
So Does Swimming Cost
The 2012 budget reinstates funding for the Youth Commission at about the level it was in 2010 so Osterhout thanked the Board for the funding and said, “The swim program is very important for the kids.”
NIMS Training
Regarding the Disaster Plan, Ivan Wager said that National Incident Management System (NIMS) training will be scheduled by Fire Chief Billy Osterhout and NIMS trainer Joe Rechen to take place at the Fire House probably some time in January. The newly elected Board Members must take the training because they will be in the chain of command should there be a disaster.
Gladioli Asleep In Their Beds
Don Calman of the Beautification Committee said the Committee was “less than satisfied” with the gladioli display this summer. “One bed of 500 bulbs didn’t come up, and half of another bed did not come up,” he said. They will not store bulbs this year because of the poor blooming, like at the northern bed next to Eagle Energy. “It looked awful,” he said, “and we felt bad about that.” Calman also announced that the Committee will start raising money in January and is looking also for one or two new members. “We have 2 or 3 meetings a year, and I bake a pie for each which are pretty damn good,” Calman said.
Noise Complaints
Jaeger announced that he had received two letters from the same person in Cherry Plain complaining about noise from an ATV and rifle shots. Jaeger pointed out that there is a gun shop near by and the owner sights the guns. “The gun shop has been there a long time,” Jaeger said.
Jaeger thanked the public who voted for showing their support. Newly elected Board Members Tara Cinney Fisher and John Winn were in attendance at this meeting, and Jaeger said he was pleased to see them at the meeting. John Winn thanked the voters and said, “I look forward to serving on the Board.”
Settlement Night Scheduled
The Board scheduled settlement night for Thursday, December 29, at 7 pm in the Town Hall.

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