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To Readers Of The Life Of George Holcomb

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After thirteen and a half years we have come to the end of the life of George Holcomb. When I put together the first excerpt from the diary of George Holcomb in the early winter of 1998, when my son was 4½ years old, it never occurred to me that I might be still at it a month before he heads off to college or that it would take around 550 weekly columns to finish telling the story of George’s life. George wrote 11,450 pages over the course of over half a century. The material that I have presented is perhaps a tenth of the volume of the whole. Most of this material was put together on deadline, in the middle of the night.
In the coming weeks I will be gathering this material together with a view to presenting it again, but not exactly as it appeared the first time. I will seek to add maps and pictures, perhaps some historical context and some new editing. Stay tuned – Holcomb will return, in a new and improved version. In the meantime, we will offer some other historical features in this space.
-Alex Brooks


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  1. Did George Holcomb live during the year of 1816 “the year without a summer’ if so did he have any comments about the hard times they went thru.
    Thanks, Al Berry

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