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Petersburgh Candidates

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by Alex Brooks
Peter Schaaphok, Incumbent Republican  For Town Supervisor
Qualifications: I served two terms as Supervisor, one term as Councilman. I was the Deputy Supervisor for 13 years. I am the founder and owner of VPS Control Systems.
Vision for the future: I want to keep taxes low, protect property rights, and preserve the rural character of our town.
Bio: I have lived in Petersburgh for 23 years. I live on Potter Hill Road with my wife Ingrid. We have two adult children, Peter & Matthew. Both now work at VPS. My interests out side of work are in history and agriculture.
Issues: The biggest issues for the Town as time goes on are encroaching development, the squeeze on local people from growing property taxes driven by state mandates and preserving local control.
Amy Manchester, Incumbent Democrat For Town Council – Write In
Qualifications: I have many years of experience on the Town Board. My time on the Board has been a learning experience, and I feel I have grown as a Board member during this time. I am a lifelong resident of the Town, and I feel my familiarity with the Town is an asset.
Vision for the future: I’d like to have more businesses come in and bring employment.
Bio: I live in Petersburgh, and I grew up here, went to school in the building that is now the Town Hall. I have a stepson, who is now 34 years old. My main interest other than work and Town government is volunteering at the Rescue Squad. I love working there – as sad as it is, 95% of the time I feel good about what we do there.
Issues: I was pleased that we were able to keep the numbers down on the budget. We have no pay increases for Town employees this year. I’m also pleased with what’s going on with the Petersburgh Veterans Memorial Hall and hope to build up rentals in the future.
Bill Seel, Incumbent Republican For Town Council

Qualifications: I have served 8 years on the Town Board, and I have been involved with a couple of businesses where I have learned a thing or two about fiscal management, and I have an interest in doing the right thing for the Town of Petersburgh.
Vision for the future: I would like to keep taxes under control so people can still afford to live here. I would also like to keep the Town moving forward in terms of maintaining buildings, improving the water system and providing Town services in a cost-effective way.
Bio: I have lived in Petersburgh for 40 years. I came here when my family bought the Broken Wheel Campground. This is the only place I’d think of living. I live here with my wife and two children, 13 year old twins.
Issues: I think the most important issue is keeping taxes as low as possible while still maintaining Town services. I am pleased that a Code Enforcement officer is on the job and taking care of business and that the Town is moving forward with the salt shed, but the Town needs to continue to work on Water District issues such as getting all the meters working and on trying to get the derelict house in the Mill Yard taken care of.
Teresa Scicchitano-deWaal, Republican For Town Council
Qualifications: I have been a small business owner for 23 years. My business has several employees. I have a working knowledge of the Town, much of it from my volunteer service on the Petersburgh Library Board of Trustees and the Petersburgh Rescue Squad. I am a Past-President of the Niskayuna Rotary Club, the Latham Chamber of Commerce and the Business & Professional Women of the Tech Valley. I was a Paul Harris Fellow in the Rotary Club. I have a lot of expertise in insurance and employee benefits. I like to give back to my community.
Vision for the future: I would like to see sustainable growth for our farmland and would like to see more small businesses come into our community. I would like to see more community events to enhance community involvement. I would like to see no increase in taxes.
Bio: I live on Star Ridge Way in Petersburgh with my husband Brandon, a dog named Lady and a cat named Socks. We moved here in 2000. I like animals, and I like to do stained glass. I like the outdoors – sailing and snowmobiling are things that I enjoy. I also volunteer a lot.
Issues: I think we have to make sure that our services – Ambulance and Fire – remain strong. Our library is a gem, and Petersburgh’s a beautiful place. I’d like to do my part to preserve all of this while encouraging limited growth.

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