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Hoosick Candidates Give Their Views

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by Bea Peterson
Democratic Incumbent Town Supervisor Marilyn Douglas
Douglas said, “I have an extensive background in public service, holding positions as County Legislator for three terms, Village of Hoosick Falls Trustee and Town of Hoosick Supervisor since 2000.” Recently retired from the faculty of Hoosick Falls Central School, Douglas holds degrees from Hudson Valley Community College and Southern Vermont College along with a BA and MA from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.  Douglas’ financial background, computer skills and grant writing are strong resources she brings to the Supervisor’s position, which in turn have saved the taxpayers dollars and brought in millions of dollars in grant funding for the Town. Douglas’ computer knowledge was put to good use as she planned the Town’s first website, www.townofhoosick.org.
Her vision for Hoosick “is to preserve and enhance the existing rural character of the Town and its quality of life and to promote economic development in the commercial and agricultural sectors which will increase job opportunities and increase the Town’s tax base.”
“The Town Board updated the Town’s Comprehensive Plan in 2004 and adopted the Town’s first land use law in 2009.  Both of these documents allow a balanced mix of agricultural, residential, recreational, commercial and industrial uses for the welfare of the residents and protection of the Town’s resources,” she said.
Douglas feels the important issues for the Town are “the need to stabilize taxes and to increase the tax base.  Also, to look at shared services.”
“My conservative approach in managing tax dollars has placed the Town in a sound financial position which has allowed us to present a Town Budget for 2010 with no tax increase and no cut in services or programming. The Town has been able to pave more than five miles of road during this year, and we have been able to upgrade highway equipment.”
Democratic Incumbent Councilman Kevin O’Malley
Kevin O’Malley is Co-Chairperson of the Hoosick Falls St. Patrick’s Day parade. “The parade brings over $25,000 into the local economy and thousands of people into the Town to enjoy the festivities,” he said.
O’Malley has also been a member of the Hoosick Falls Zoning Board of Appeals and a Board Member of the Hoosick Area Chamber of Commerce. He was on the Village of Hoosick Falls 175th anniversary committee, and the Hoosick Falls Take Pride Committee. He currently works for the Rensselaer County Board of Elections.
“Hoosick has some of the best recreation in the area. The pool, rink and the local soccer fields are second to none. The Hoosick pathways project is making great strides toward making a pathway along The Hoosic River a reality.”
“I would like to see the Town take a more active role in promoting the Arts. The area is home to some of the most famous, most talented artists in the world.” He believes the Town should do more to promote agriculture.
O’Malley feels the economy is a big issue. “We have been campaigning for four weeks and people are hurting. We have just released the Town Budget for 2010 and there is no tax increase. People cannot take more taxes.”
“I will continue to market the Town with hopes of bringing in new business. The Town owns 40 acres off of Route 7 and I would like to see that used to attract new business. I will continue to work with the Rensselaer County Industrial Development Corporation to let them know what the area has to offer.”
Democrat Incumbent Mark Cottrell For Town Council
Cottrell’s knowledge of the farming community and his involvement with emergency services serve as a resource for the Town. He is Chairperson of the Farmland Protection Committee, which is currently drafting a Farmland Protection Plan for the Town. A graduate of Hoosick Falls Central School, Cottrell has been Director of Plant Operations at Bennington, VT. Centers for Living and Rehabilitation for the past eight years.  He also manages the third-generation family farm, Battle Acres. Cottrell was born and raised in Walloomsac. He also is a collector of antique tractors and farm equipment. Mark works with the Friends of the Bennington Battlefield which hosts the Battle of Bennington Re-enactments on the family farm.
Regarding his vision for the future of the Town, Cottrell said, “I would like to see the Town maintain its rural character and preserve its working farms. Also, to expand economic opportunities and promote economic development.”
“I believe the most pressing issue facing, not only our Town, but also the County, School District and State, is taxes.”
“Under Democratic leadership, the Town has been fiscally conservative and has used smart spending practices. This has allowed the Town to present a Budget for 2010 with a zero percent tax increase.
Republican Candidate For Town Supervisor Keith Cipperly
Keith Cipperly said, “I was raised on the family farm in Breese Hollow. Cipperly is a graduate of Hoosick Falls Central School and Herkimer College, where he majored in Psychology. He is a Mason of the Van Rensselaer Star Lodge No. 400 in Hoosick and a member of the Tri-State Holstein Association. He was a member of 4-H for many years. Cipperly is employed by the New York State Department of Transportation, working out of the Petersburgh garage.
He believes good qualifications for the job of Supervisor include “common sense, good listening skills and being respectful of others. ”
Cipperly’s vision for the future is to see “a town that is prosperous, efficient and tolerant.” He feels the manner in which the Town Board handled the issues surrounding the Animal Control Officer and the way issues are not always addressed openly and not confrontational are important. “Residents need to be able to attend Town Board meetings and be treated with dignity and respect,” he said.
To resolve, improve and change these issues he would like to implement shared services between the County and Village.
Republican Candidate For Town Council Jeff Wysocki
Jeff Wysocki is a self employed dairy farmer who feels he “will bring common sense and honesty to the Town Council.”
“Growing up and being part of a family dairy farm teaches a person to be resourceful and have insight that can’t be taught in a classroom.”
Wysocki has lived his entire life in the Town of Hoosick. He is a graduate of HFCS, Ohio Diesel Tech and Lincoln Electric Welding School.
Wysocki’s vision is to see Hoosick be “a Town that is prosperous with an open and honest form of government. And a Town with a strong and safe environment for your families.”
One of the Wysocki’s primary issues regarding the Town is “the manner in which the Town Board handled the animal control issue. All issues that arise in the Town need to be addressed openly and honestly. If people have issues they need to be able to come to the Town Board and be treated with respect.”
For the future Wysocki would like to “help build up business by preventing road blocks with less regulation and be more involved with the County and Village on shared services.” He would like to meet with the Village, County, State and apply for grants.
Republican Candidate For Town Council Louis Schmigel
Louis Schmigel has lived in Hoosick for most of his life.
“I believe running my small family business in Town, Schmigel Excavating, and satisfying most of my customers through being resourceful and using common sense are good qualifications which I intend to bring with me as a Councilman for our Town.”
Regarding a vision for the future of the Town, Schmigel said, “I would like to see our Town grow and prosper to a point where other communities consider it a model township. I feel this is achievable through open, honest and friendly government.”
“One of the most important issues in Town is taxes and what people are getting in return for their money. Another issue is the lack of growth.”
“I intend to change these issues by working together with people who come to the Town with ideas, by promoting shared services with Village, Town and County on all levels possible and by ending wasteful spending of taxpayers dollars.”
Running unopposed: Town Clerk Sue Stradinger and Town Highway Superintendent Bill Shiland.

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